Steps To The Curry Achievement

MAJOR GENERAL JOHN F. CURRY served as CAP's first national commander. His tenure coincided with the early days of WWII, a time when ordinary citizens were searching for ways to help the war effort. So great was the desire to serve that Curry quickly built a force of 100,000 "flying minutemen" from across the nation. As a flier himself, he believed in airpower, so Curry knew that to win the war, America had better make use of the airplane's capabilities. Because of Curry's leadership, CAP aircrews were tasked with missions that were of national importance, but which the military did not have the time or ability to complete. CAP volunteers began flying aerial search missions, watching the US / Mexico border for espionage, towing aerial targets for the Navy, and most famously, searching the Atlantic for (and sinking!) Nazi submarines. Although General Curry served as national commander for only 4 months, he set CAP on a course for success.

Cadets entering the cadet program of the Civil Air Patrol are tasked with advancing their rank and the first step is the Maj Gen John F. Curry Achievement.  The following link will show every cadet exactly what needs to be done to obtain their very first achievement.