Level 1

The CAP Foundations Course

The CAP Foundations Course is self-paced and open book. There are a total of six modules for you to complete. Each module contains a three to five page article for you to read, along with a brief quiz.

CAP's professional development is designed around your integrity, one of CAP's Core Values. You are on your honor to read the articles and to take the open book quizzes on your own. Please 
print out each quiz and circle the most correct answer. Then take the completed quizzes to your squadron for scoring and review.

Each module should take less than 15 minutes to read, and each quiz should take less than 15 minutes to complete. You will need the free 
Adobe PDF Reader or a compatible PDF viewer to view these materials, dated May 07 or later:

Module 1

History & Organization article

History & Organization quiz

Module 2

Policies article (Feb 2010)

Policies quiz

Module 3

Uniforms article

Uniforms quiz

Module 4

Customs & Courtesies article

Customs & Courtesies quiz

Module 5

Core Values article

Core Values quiz

Module 6

Leadership article

Leadership quiz





Completing Level I earns you the membership ribbon and completes one of the eligibility requirements for promotion (see CAPR 35-5 for promotion criteria). Talk with your mentor or commander if you have any questions about Level I.