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Weekly Squadron Update 8-10-12

posted Aug 10, 2012, 6:34 PM by Tom Brown   [ updated Aug 10, 2012, 6:39 PM ]

Weekly Squadron Update


Upcoming Meeting -

This Tuesdays meeting will be held at MCCS headquarters.  The focus of this weeks meeting will be Safety and Character Development.  UoD is BDU's or if you do not have BDU's please wear Black & Whites (black slacks, black shoes and white button down shirt with collar.)


Clean up of new facilities -

We are currently trying to coordinate a day to do some general cleaning and upkeep of our new facilities.  A specific date and time will be agreed upon at our next meeting but the target date for this is Saturday Aug. 18th between 0900 and 1200.  This activity is optional but it is encouraged that we try to get as many members to attend as we can.  The uniform of the day will be conservative civilian attire.  It has been mentioned that cleaning supplies (brooms, mops, vaccum cleaner etc) MIGHT be available from the Airport Authority.  I will try to coordinate the use of these items but if anyone has access to additional supplies, it would probably help us out.  If everyone wanted to contribute 5 dollars we can coordinate Little Caesars for lunch.  Please be prepared to announce your availability for this activity at this Tuesdays meeting.


Labor Day Parade -

The annual Labor Day parade is just around the corner and it is a great opportunity to promote our organization.   

The annual Labor day parade specifics are as follows:
  • Meeting Location: The corner of Front and Center in Downtown Bloomington
  • Meeting Time: 0900
  • Parade Start Time: 1000
  • Parade Ending Location: Miller Park
  • UoD: Blues or Black and Whites


Open Cockpit Day / Possible Open House -

The Prairie Aviation Museum is hosting another Open Cockpit Day and we have been asked to attend and supply support for this event.  This Open Cockpit Day will feature additional activities compared to previous Open Cockpit Days with EAA Young Eagles and Image Air supplying introductory flights for eligible individuals during this event.

 Along with this event, our Squadron is looking at the possibility of coordinating an Open House to showcase our organization to the public and promote recruitment.  If we have enough volunteers for this event we can probably create two groups.  One group can assist with the Open Cockpit Day while the other group can represent our squadron at our terminal while directing the general public to both events.  This will be discussed more in the near future.

The specifics of the Open Cockpit Day are as follows:

  • Event Date: Sep. 22
  • Time: 1000hrs - 1600hrs
  • UoD: To be determined


As always we appreciate everything you do and continue the outstanding work!

1st Lt. Tom Brown
Deputy Commander of Cadets / Assistant Unit Testing Officer
Civil Air Patrol - 
McLean County Composite Squadron 
Bloomington Illinois

"There are no secrets to is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.  - Gen. Colin Powell"