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Weekly Squadron Update 08-19-12

posted Aug 19, 2012, 3:15 PM by Tom Brown

Hello all, I hope everyone had a great week!  Here is what's going on with the Squadron!

This Weeks Meeting

This meeting will be the third meeting in this month of August.  At this meeting we will have time set aside for Emergency Services, Drill and Element Leader time.  We will also have the opportunity to arrange our meeting space to meet the needs of the Squadron with the arrival of our donated furniture....What? Did you say FURNITURE???? (Read below for all the details!)

New Facility Update

Last Saturday, a dedicated group of Cadets and Senior members met at our new Base of Operations for a session of general cleaning and upkeep.  We would like to recognize The following individuals for attending this event and take an opportunity to thank them for their contribution to our Squadron.
  • Capt. Mucha
  • Capt. Troyer
  • C/2Lt. Lauzon
  • C/SrA Breedlove
  • C/Amn Rivera
  • Volunteer EmmaLea Brown
  • The Airport Authority Staff (for donating an array of cleaning tools!!)

When we received the go ahead to use our new location from the Central Illinois Regional Airport Authority, we were advised that the area had not been occupied in a while and that some cleaning would be needed.  Rising to the challenge, the above listed individuals provided a few hours of labor which allowed us to clean up most of the dust, spider webs, windows, floors, walls, carpets and more. A big thank you goes out to Capt. Troyer who provided us with an industrial sized shop vac and ladder which gave us a healthy advantage for the job at hand. While there can always be more cleaning and polishing accomplished, our new facility is looking a lot better than before.

New Furniture!

The next step in the improvement of our new Base of Operations is the addition of furniture and office supplies.  Once again, 2Lt. LaRose has taken on the task of securing valuable items that are necessary for our operations and he has informed me that an assortment of these items will available for us this Tuesday.  In order to properly transfer the new equipment from the donation point to our Base of Operations, 2Lt. LaRose has asked for assistance in this task.  Here is what is needed:

Date: Tuesday, August 21st,  2:00pm

What: Available Volunteers to help load furniture items at the donation point and then unload furniture items at our Base of Operations.

Where: The Donation Point is yet to be determined...

if interested, please send 2Lt. LaRose an email at for more info!

Additional items needed by the Squadron

After moving into our new Base of Operations, we have begun to notice a few things that we are in need of.  Our Squadron and it's growth can benefit largely from donated items by local businesses and individuals.  We will gladly accept any donations of the following items new or used:

  • Large garbage cans (we currently have none and find that a few would really be useful for cleaning and upkeep purposes)
  • Cleaning supplies: Mop, Mop Bucket Brooms and Dust Pans.

Parking at the new facility

We do not want to interfere with the daily operation of our neighbors...CJ's Restaurant.  In order to avoid this we ask that all squadron members and visitors utilize the North Western portion of our available parking lot.  This will allow CJ's customers full access to the available parking spots closest to the restaurant....and give us all a little exercise!  If you are unsure where our parking location is...ask!

Upcoming Events

Ridgeview Color Guard presentation on August 24th at 1800hrs at Ridgeview High School in Colfax

Cadets that are tasked with this event have been notified and are set to go.  This is a great way to gain some exposure for our Squadron.  If anyone would like to attend this event to see our Color Guard members in action please contact either myself ( or C/2Lt. Lauzon ( for details!

Labor Day Parade on Sept. 3rd at 0900 in Downtown Bloomington on the corner of Front and Center. 

Cadets are to wear their Blues uniform or if you don't have Blues...please wear black and whites (nice white button down shirt with black slacks and black dress shoes).  Senior Members are also asked to wear their blues uniform or alternate uniform combination. We will be meeting on the corner of Front and Center and the parade will end at Miller Park.

The annual Labor day parade specifics are as follows:

  • Meeting Location: The corner of Front and Center in Downtown Bloomington
  • Meeting Time: 0900
  • Parade Start Time: 1000
  • Parade Ending Location: Miller Park
  • UoD: Blues or Black and Whites

Open Cockpit Day / Possible Open House

The Prairie Aviation Museum is hosting another Open Cockpit Day and we have been asked to attend and supply support for this event.  This Open Cockpit Day will feature additional activities compared to previous Open Cockpit Days with EAA Young Eagles and Image Air supplying introductory flights for eligible individuals during this event.

 Along with this event, our Squadron is looking at the possibility of coordinating an Open House to showcase our organization to the public and promote recruitment.  If we have enough volunteers for this event we can probably create two groups.  One group can assist with the Open Cockpit Day while the other group can represent our squadron at our terminal while directing the general public to both events.  This will be discussed more in the near future.

The specifics of the Open Cockpit Day are as follows:

  • Event Date: Sep. 22
  • Time: 1000hrs - 1600hrs
  • UoD: To be determined

And Lastly...don't forget...we are quickly approaching the end of the year and that means our Squadron Banquet will be here soon...Keep that in mind! 

Have a great week!

1st Lt. Tom Brown
Deputy Commander of Cadets / Assistant Unit Testing Officer
Civil Air Patrol - 
McLean County Composite Squadron 
Bloomington Illinois

"There are no secrets to is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.  - Gen. Colin Powell"