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Letter From The Commander Addressing Our Upcoming Events This Weekend.

posted Sep 16, 2012, 12:45 PM by Tom Brown

Sirs and Ma'ams,

Captain Raymond Mucha here from McLean County Composite Squadron, IL240, in Bloomington.

We have been asked to assist with three separate but simultaneous events at the Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington next weekend.

If any of your cadets or seniors are available, we would love to have them involved.


- Prairie Aviation Museum "Open Cockpit Day" where we would assist the public with looking at (and climbing into) fighter planes.

- EAA Young Eagles flights, where we would help escort people to and from the 3 EAA aircraft doing the flying for qualified youth

- EAA flights in the traveling 1929 Ford Tri-Motor. We would help guide people to the correct parking area and into the building.

The EAA has indicated that cadets who help would typically be offered a flight, either in the private aircraft or in the vintage Tri-Motor.  Flights are not guaranteed, but seem to happen 90% of the time.

Since we are hoping to have a large number or visitors from central Illinois, we are going to set up a table and have an "Open House."   We are now using the old terminal at the airport for our meetings.  This same area will be the HQ for the EAA events at this time.   As we may have visitors from other towns, you are welcome to submit any handouts or pamphlets, etc.

Uniform of the day is BDU or BLUES.   We can use people in both.

IN ADDITION TO SATURDAY, the Ford Tri-Motor will also be here Friday and Sunday.   It will be hard to find people those days, as most of us have school or work on Friday, while many will be spending time with family and church on Sunday.   Still, if there is ANY availability, the Tri-Motor people would love the assistance...and you would PROBABLY get a flight out of it.

TIMES?  CAP members could spend the day at a given activity, or they could move around.  The EAA has asked that, in the case of the Tri-Motor greeters/parkers, they would like to have 4 cadets at each of the following shifts:

FRI  9am - 1 pm     1pm - 5pm
SAT  9am - 1 pm     1pm - 5pm
SUN  9am - 1 pm     1pm - 5pm

This is an example of how schedules could be arranged.   Of course, we will gladly take any CAP member in uniform, for any task, for as long as they are able to assist.   Due to Cadet Protection, we do not want to leave cadets alone anywhere.

If you know members of the general public who might want to simply visit the airport for these events, please pass the word.

Thank you,

Captain Raymond Mucha