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A New Year Brings New Changes and New Opportunities!

posted Jan 21, 2012, 3:19 AM by Tom Brown
As our squadron continues to grow we remain looking towards the future and giving our cadets the opportunity to grow, learn and become future leaders.  A stepping stone for our squadron this year is our ability to expand our leadership possibilities by splitting our current single flight into two!  This will in turn, double our current "lower tier" cadet positions and give our cadets in lower grades the opportunities to mentor cadets as well as taking responsibility for the future of our squadron's growth.

You may click on the image below to review our new cadet structure.

With each new position comes added responsibilities and expectations:

Element Leaders 
  1. Inspection of uniform for element
  2. Ensures flight sergeant knows drill requirements for their element.
  3. Mentors element on how to get their first/next stripe.
  4. Weekly call/text for attendance, reports to Flight Sergeant by end of day Sunday

Flight Sergeants 
  1. Inspection of uniform for flight
  2. Ensures proper drill requirements are fulfilled for their flight
  3. Mentors element leaders  on how to get their next stripe
  4. Receives attendance and forwards to First Sergeant
  5. Assigns new cadets to an element leader

Onboarding/Personnel NCO: 
  1. Greet prospective cadets and participate in their orientation – week 1.
  2. Stay with cadet during week 2 & 3 and explain what is going on.
  3. Temporarily assign prospective to an element leader.  (Does not make assignment once they are a cadet.)
  4. Explain black & white uniform requirements to prospective.
  5. Show CAP website
  6. Acts as resource for new cadets during their first 90 days (helps identify chain of command, who to contact, reinforces Element Leader position)
  7. Provide Character Development Lesson 1 during first month.
  8. Tracks and enters attendance.
  9. Tracks and enters inspection scores.

Cadet First Sergeant: 
  1. Lead cadets in PT
  2. Supervise and mentor flight sergeants during drill
  3. Responsible for ensuring cadets are ready for their drill tests when needed
  4. Responsible for ensuring areas used are cleaned up prior to cadets leaving (2050 – 2100)
  5. Takes notes during uniform inspection (squadron view)
  6. Gives summary to element leaders & flight sergeants
  7. Provides original documentation to Personnel NCO
  8. Responsible for cadet safety, drinking water, understanding safety rules, etc

Cadet Deputy Commander: 
  1. Acts as Commander when CC is absent
  2. Mentors First Sergeant
  3. Assigns new cadets to a flight
  4. Responsible for overall Inspections process and facilitation (monitors adherence to CAPM39-1)

Cadet Commander: 
  1. Long term focus for squadron
  2. Propose squadron agendas by required date each quarter
  3. Propose squadron goals on an ongoing basis
  4. Accountable for assignment and preparedness of cadet-led squadron classes
  5. Accountable for overall cadet progression
  6. Mentor cadet staff
  7. Facilitate cadet staff meetings, provide documentation to DCC

We are looking forward to a great year of outstanding growth and we are very proud of the achievements completed by our current cadets! 

1st Lt. Tom Brown
Assistant Deputy Commander of Cadets